The Drop-In Center
814 Harrison St.
Oak Park, IL 60304
NAMI Education Offices
818 Harrison St, 2nd Flr.
Oak Park, IL 60304


The Drop-In Center has helped me a lot. If I did not come to the center, I would be in a psych ward. Knowing that I am going to the Drop-In Center helps me get up each day.
James H
I have been coming to the Drop-In Center for years. I have made friends here and it gives me somewhere to go at 3pm.
Don R
The companionship of people brings joy to the center. It is fun being at the Drop-In Center.
Jeremy W
The Drop-in Center gives me the opportunity to meet people. I appreciate the opportunity to socialize with others.
Gus Z
Drop-In Center is a nice place to go to socialize with others. I can relate to the struggles of others who go to the Drop-In Center.
Brian C
The Drop-In Center saved my life. NAMI took me out of isolation. I enjoy being around my peers.