Diversity in schools, places of worship, and communities benefits everyone. Not only can diverse populations learn more about other cultures, ethnicities, and genders, those living in diverse communities can support one another in an effort to improve ?equality and understanding. However, for many minority groups within our country, mental health issues and treatment are nowhere near equal. This July, we unite with the mental health community as we celebrate Minority Mental Health Month.

Challenges for Minority Groups

Mental health issues do not affect just one particular ethnicity, gender, or culture. Unfortunately, mental health conditions show up in individuals of all ages, genders, races and socioeconomic statuses. However, how individuals are diagnosed, treated, and supported can vary by culture or community.

Many minority groups have limited access to quality mental health care. For example, those living in low socioeconomic communities often have minimal access to general physicians, let alone a physician who has the time to thoroughly assess and diagnose a mental health disorder. In addition, some cultures harbor negative stereotypes for mental health disorders and discourage treatment or counseling. In these cases, even individuals who are diagnosed may not receive the treatment they need.

Advocacy, Education, and Resources

Fortunately, many mental health professionals are dedicated to working with minority communities throughout the country to provide education and resources. ?Knowing where to get accurate information, recognizing symptoms in yourself and others, and what treatments are available will go a long way towards improving your own life or the lives of others.

If you or someone you know may benefit from an assessment, or ongoing treatment, be sure to check our local Resources page. All of our partners are committed to providing quality care to everyone who is living with mental health concerns, no matter the cultural background, age, or gender.

Minority groups face additional barriers to mental health disorder diagnosis and treatment. However, with the right supports, advocates, and community partners in place, we can work together to assure that everyone gets the help that they need to be healthy. Join us!

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