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1 in 4 people will experience mental illness.

Age-Adjusted Death Rate due to Suicide _ 1 in 4 Mental Health
Age-Adjusted Death Rate due to Suicide
(Compared to U.S. Counties)
Frequent Mental Distress _ 1 in 4 Mental Health

Frequent Mental Distress
(Compared to IL Counties)

Poor Mental Health: Average Number of Days _ 1 in 4 Mental Health
Depression: Medicare Population _ 1 in 4 Mental Health

Depression: Medicare Population
(Compared to IL Counties)

Mental Illness
Mental health is the foundation of a person?s well-being and equally as important as physical health. People of all occupations, incomes, and cultures, regardless of their education or level of success, are affected. At some point in life, all Americans are likely to be affected by a mental illness, either through a family member, a friend, a colleague ? or through personal experience. Learning more about it can alleviate common fears and help to improve the quality of life both?for those experiencing mental illness and for those who care about them.
Mental Health Myths

When it comes to mental illness, myths and misinformation abound. When is the last time you heard a “joke” or a wisecrack aimed at someone with a mental illness? The jokes and wisecracks aren’t helpful, but may be our way of dealing with something uncomfortable that, until we face it first hand, we know little about. Learn more about Mental Health Myths.

Common Symptoms of Mental Illness

Changes in mood and/or behavior that are troubling or persist beyond two weeks should always prompt an evaluation by a doctor. Your family doctor is a good place to start, as he or she can rule out any physical causes for changes in mood or behavior and refer you to a mental health professional. Learn more about Common Symptoms of Mental Illness.

Causes of Mental Illness
There is no single cause for mental illness, and no one is to blame when someone is experiencing a mental illness. Often, it’s a complex interplay of many factors that contribute to a person becoming mentally ill.?Learn more about Causes Of Mental Illness.
Types of Mental Illness

Learn more about the different types of Mental Illness.

Looking for a mental health professional in your community?

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