1 in 4 peopleĀ will experience mental illness.

Age-Adjusted Death Rate due to Suicide _ 1 in 4 Mental Health
Age-Adjusted Death Rate due to Suicide
(Compared to U.S. Counties)
Frequent Mental Distress _ 1 in 4 Mental Health

Frequent Mental Distress
(Compared to IL Counties)

Poor Mental Health: Average Number of Days _ 1 in 4 Mental Health
Depression: Medicare Population _ 1 in 4 Mental Health

Depression: Medicare Population
(Compared to IL Counties)

Mental Health Meter

Assessing our mental health is not as simple to do as measuring our physical health. There are no scales or endurance tests that rate mental fitness. But with the help of the Canadian Health Association’s Mental Health Meter, you can reflect on your unique strengths and identify areas where your level of mental fitness could be improved to help you cope with all of life’s ups and downs.Get the Mental Health Meter.

Test Your Stress

Stress can be difficult to understand. The emotional chaos it causes can make our daily lives miserable. It can also decrease our physical health, sometimes drastically. Strangely, we are not always aware that we are under stress. The habits, attitudes, and signs that can alert us to problems may be hard to recognize because they have become so familiar.

Find your stress level right now by completing this test.

Do You Frequently:



Neglect your diet?
Try to do everything yourself?
Blow up easily?
Seek unrealistic goals?
Fail to see the humour in situations others find funny?
Act rude?
Make a ‘big deal’ of everything?
Look to other people to make things happen?
Have difficulty making decisions
Complain you are disorganized?
Avoid people whose ideas are different from your own?
Keep everything inside?
Neglect exercise?
Have few supportive relationships?
Use sleeping pills and tranquilizers without a doctor’s approval?
Get too little rest?
Get angry when you are kept waiting?
Ignore stress symptoms?
Put things off until later?
Think there is only one right way to do something?
Fail to build relaxation time into your day?
Race through the day?
Spend a lot of time complaining about the past?
Fail to get a break from noise and crowds?

Please count the number of “Yes” in your responses.

0-6: There are few hassles in your life. Make sure, though, that you are not trying so hard to avoid problems that you shy away from challenges.

6-13: You’ve got your life in fairly good control. Work on the choices and habits that could still be causing you some unnecessary stress in your life.

13-20: You’re approaching the danger zone. You may well be suffering stress-related symptoms and your relationships could be strained. Think carefully about choices you’ve made and take relaxation breaks every day.

All 20: Emergency! You must stop now, re-think how you are living, change your attitudes, and pay careful attention to diet, exercise, and relaxation.

Is it more than just feeling blue?

Take the test below as a symptom checklist and see what your answers suggest

Take the test!

Check True or False for each of the following questions:


I’m tired a lot.
Decisions are more difficult to make lately.
I cry more than I used to.
I feel edgy and tense.
My sleep patterns have changed (more, less, or disrupted).
I stay to myself a lot.
I just don’t enjoy things the way I used to.
I have to push myself to do even the simplest of things.
I have lost interest in sex.
I eat more/less than I used to.

Please count the number of “Trues” in your responses.

0 – 3: You may be experiencing some mild depressive features. They may be linked to a situation or adjustment. If symptoms persist or become more intense, you may want to seek professional attention.

4 – 7: You are most likely experiencing a moderate depression. Professional assessment and therapeutic interventions should be explored.

8 – 10: You are probably experiencing a significant depression. Professional assessment and therapeutic intervention is advised. Medication evaluation may be of some benefit.

This is a symptom checklist. This is not a standardized psychological assessment.

Brush up on your mental health basics and take a minute to test your mental fitness using the mental health meter and taking the stress test.

Looking for a mental health professional in your community?

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