1 in 4 people?will experience mental illness.

Practice Mental Fitness

In the hurried pace of the world in which we live, most people are aware that maintaining a balanced life is difficult at times, but important for sustaining good health. Perceptions about health are changing. The World Health Organization now defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being,” not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Within this context, fostering our mental health every day ? not just when we are feeling pressured or unwell ? is an important factor in our overall well-being.

Characteristics of good mental health include:

  • The ability to enjoy life?
    Enjoying life can come from simple things like accepting that some things can’t be changed, having the confidence to change what you can, and having the ability to live in the moment and appreciate “now.” Focusing on the positive aspects of your life helps you enjoy it more.
  • Resilience?
    Life can be full of tough times. It’s important to keep your perspective. One simple way to build resilience is to encourage yourself and others to learn from difficult times; you often emerge stronger. Try to exercise regularly and eat properly, even when life gets busy or stressful. Work on developing support networks of people who can help you through difficult times.
  • Balance?
    Think about small ways to bring what you enjoy most into your life each week. A balanced life usually comes from a strong realization that there are many facets to your life that are important to you and deserving of your interest and attention. Making time for people you enjoy and engaging in activities that you like will help bring balance to your life
  • Self-Actualization
    Everyone has strengths and talents. Nurture yours so that you can actualize your full potential. Make a plan to use your best abilities to enhance your life. Above all, value yourself and believe you’re worth caring for.
  • Flexibility?
    Flexibility often comes from a sense that change is a fact of life. Accepting other points of view can help you adapt to these changes and make the most of your life and the people in it. Rigidity in opinions and expectations can create a strong sense of frustration and stress. Opening your mind to accepting differing viewpoints is a step towards developing flexibility.

Looking for a mental health professional in your community?

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