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Setting Goals: My Vision For 2019


 This past December 14th I graduated with my bachelor's degree in Biomedical Science. This is a huge deal because I had started my journey 12 years ago and like most things, I never finished. It was hard managing my bipolar 1 and going to school full time. I graduated with honors and I am very proud of myself.

Now the question lingers in my mind, "What's next?" I am someone that gets bored very easily and wants to change jobs or activities. I decided to work as a massage therapist at three different places part-time. I did this so that I could have variety and I wouldn't get bored easily. I made a goal to keep these jobs for the entire 2019.

I feel that it is hard for me to accomplish things because it is hard for me to stay focused. I have made a couple of things to help me stay focused. I made a vision board for the year 2019. A vision board is a poster board filled with pictures that represent your goals for the year. I put the logo of the three places I will be going, pictures of three different certifications I want to get, a kitchen because I would like to cook more, a clean room because I want to work on keeping my house clean and a picture of the NAMI logo because I would like to be more involved with NAMI. It's a fun way to plan for the year and it gives you a visual motivation to stay on track.

I also have a planner where I will be putting daily goals for me to accomplish. It can be a simple as getting out of bed or making sure I take a shower when days are tough for me. Making goals will help me stay focused and motivated to keep pushing forward. Even on tough days when it is hard to get out of bed.

It's scary ending a big part of your life like school and not knowing what lies ahead. I believe with goals it can be less scary and exciting. I hope this helps you in your life. Remember it can be as simple as getting out of bed. That's a huge accomplishment when one is not well. Make some goals and see how great it feels to accomplish them!

Written by Liliana Nicholas

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Thursday, 09 July 2020