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Why Join NAMI


The reason I joined NAMI was simple - I was singlehandedly going to change the world and its perception of mental illness. Easy enough, right? I had recently had an experience with that dreaded "S word" (stigma) and decided that since I was blessed enough to have found my way to recovery, it was my job to show the world the real face of mental illness.

With the help of Google, I came across a program called In Our Own Voice that was run by some organization called NAMI. It seemed like the perfect method to get my point across to the world and so I joined, I trained, and I presented.

Little did I know, while all of this was going on, NAMI was also changing me. I realized I did not have to change the world all alone. There were thousands of people already trying to reach my goal. By joining NAMI, I became one of the many fighting stigma. While I have reached hundreds of people myself as a presenter, throughout the nation, NAMI has reached such a large number of people I cannot even begin to quantify it.

I did not know it at the time but it turned out that I actually joined NAMI to make the voice speaking for those struggling with mental illness and their loved ones just a little bit louder. I invite you to join this army of advocates and help fight stigma; not just during Mental Health Awareness Month, but every month of the year! 

Written by Nikki Rashes

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Saturday, 24 August 2019