Research has shown that our reluctance to talk openly about mental health is so strong that it prevents us from seeking the information and support we need to promote good mental health, let alone asking for help when we need it. And that is very costly to us as a society, as individuals and especially for our community’s youth.

The Say It Out Loud campaign is based on current research indicating that the best way to reduce the discrimination associated with mental illnesses is by interaction through which people can engage with one another on this subject in a truly meaningful way and share their experiences and knowledge.   

Say It Out Loud reframes mental health as a key component of our overall health and well-being by raising the subject in a nonthreatening way that is both empowering and informative. It creates both “virtual” and real contact opportunities—with people who have mental illnesses, as well as medical and mental health professionals, family, employers, colleagues, neighbors or friends. It transmits reliable and valued information through the media, the Internet, advertising, word-of-mouth, and through the “stories” that are the essence of the campaign.

Please contact NAMI Metro-Suburban to learn more about our successful campaign and how we can help your organization SAY IT OUT LOUD.