NAMI RSS, John Tolley, writes about Jacob, a frequent guest at our La Grange Living Room 

I first met Jacob at our Broadview location last January. We got along very well. Jacob has been living with OCD and Asperger’s since a young age. He continues to this day to educate me on Autism and OCD. He currently lives in a group home, but his desire is to live on his own one day. He believes the key to moving out is keeping his room organized and clean. He wants to meet a girl and have a lasting relationship. What amazes me is the way he volunteers at a therapeutic stable and helps those who need it. He is giving back and finds purpose. The other thing that I’m proud of is his finding a job at the Lyric Opera House. He is a people pleaser and enjoys other people’s company. Not every day is sunshine and roses, and there are times when he uses his coping tools. Becoming a frequent guest at the Living Room helps ground Jacob. He feels at peace here and has no problems opening up with his thoughts and struggles. Jacob is on a good path to success, and I wish him the best.

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