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It's A Win!

For years a close friend and I, both struggling with bouts of depression, had a routine. She would call and tell me her tale of the terrible day she'd just had. I would always respond with the same question, what's the win? She would do the same when I had a day that was less than stellar. No matter how bad things were the question was the same, what's the win? Finding the win is similar to looking for the silver lining but on a smaller scale. It may not mean perfection and it may not change everything to suddenly turn the day into a good one but it is still something worth celebrating.

Oftentimes our wins were silly, something like Starbucks got my order right this morning and that's a win! Sometimes they were more serious like the kids were up and dressed and ready for the school bus on time today and that's a win! It became a sort of game to us. When one would say, I just can't catch a break. The other would say just look for your win. We haven't had the need to do this for years and yet the "game" came to mind while working from home today. There is so much uncertainty in our world these days and the frustration is flowing as I begin to feel confined to the house. Yes, even when it seems the world is such a mess around us, there has to be a win.

I finally found the win while listening to a morning radio show called Brooke and Jubal. They aired a segment called "Feel Good Covid-19 Stories" where they highlighted wins such as the two individuals in their 20s in New York City who decided to recruit volunteers to procure and deliver groceries to the elderly among them. In the first 72 hours after issuing the call for volunteers, 1300 people signed up and together they formed the group, Invisible Hands, to help those in need.

Another win they mentioned was in Spain, where a woman was self-isolating on her 80th birthday. She received a phone call telling her to look out her window and when she did, she found over 60 neighbors on their porches and balconies singing happy birthday to her.

In these troubles times restaurants have opened their doors to provide free lunches to students who are out of school. Artists and illustrators, such as Mo Willems, have gone online with enrichment programs to keep our kids busy and learning. When the frustration gets to me, sometimes these stories are all it takes to find the win in humanity itself. I hope you will follow the link below, listen to the rest of the segment, and take the time to smile.

Written by Nikki Rashes, CRSS

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Sunday, 22 May 2022