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Listening to Music: Just Scream


Feeling stressed? Worn out maybe? Go ahead and turn on some music and sing your heart out. Or perhaps sitting and listening to soft music is more your way. Sometimes I do both. In the car I put on some loud music and sing my stress out. It's very fun this way. Who you listen to can be different to who I listen to, but as long as the result is the same and you feel better. Then that's great.

There are many ways you can use music to reduce stress. The University of Nevada says upbeat music can make you feel more optimistic and positive about life. A slower tempo can quiet your mind and relax your muscles. It can be useful for relaxation and stress management. For example when I'm feeling low I listen to Lacey Sturm. I love her voice and the lyrics. Her songs fill me with hope and strength. I quiet my mind while in the shower when I listen to Lindsey Stirling. Her skill at playing the violin is amazing. I was going to use her music as a backdrop during labor of my son, to help calm me, but we didn't have the time to set anything up as he was coming quickly.

Another way to use music is meditating with it. I have a hard time staying still while meditating. Once I add soft music, such as night time music, I'm less antsy. The night time music I'm referring too is the sounds of tree frogs and running water. It reminds me of my old childhood home with my grandparents. We lived down in a valley next to an outlet that was part of the outlet trail. We had a large hill in our backyard. The sounds of it at night helped me sleep. Now, as an adult I live next to a road and a dairy farm. It's not the same without my night time music to help me sleep at night. Meditating before bed definitely helps relax and fall asleep quicker. Of course it's best if you use the music you like. Sometimes running water make others need to pee.

My son loves music. He's a fan of baby shark when it first came out. Since he's gone to school he's been able to experience music in different ways. His preschool teacher told me one time during school their CD player had turned on without any knowing who did it. So she turned it off. Then the teacher watched my son go back over to it and turned it back on. It had been Brown Bear song playing. The teacher told me that he loves signing that song in class. It had become another of his favorites. He just felt like listening to it then. I had thought that was adorable. I love that he loves music. I just hope as he gets older he continues to love and use music as a healthy outlet.

Music is accessible everywhere you go. Especially if you own a smartphone. With most of us stuck at home it's important to keep our spirits up. So go ahead and turn on your favorite music. Use it as a backdrop for while you do things around the house. It can help make time go faster and keep you sane.

Written by Christina Rodriguez

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